Verus Cultus (Single)

by White Dog

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Óscar Collado
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Óscar Collado This group sounds so 70's that you'd almost believe the band description. Favorite track: Witch Queen.
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FDJ White Dog would have you believe they are a long lost band from the 70's playing awesome proto-metal.
The truth is White Dog are newly formed band from the 00s playing awesome proto-metal! Favorite track: Witch Queen.
Daniel Fallas
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Daniel Fallas HEAVY PSYCH
An amazing band easily one of my personal fvs Favorite track: Verus Cultus.
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The two tracks on this single were recorded and engineered at Clock Right Studios by Jason Richards. The recording device used was the actual Tascam ATR-60 used to record sound for the 1974 American horror film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."


released May 17, 2016

Vocals - Joe Sterling
Guitar - Carl Amoss
Drums - John Amoss
Bass - Rex Pape
Guitar - Clay De Hoyos



all rights reserved


White Dog Austin, Texas

In the year 1971, the members of White Dog were cryogenically frozen and sealed in a highly classified, underground facility in accordance with a directive put forth by then president of the United States of America, Richard Milhous Nixon, intent on preventing world domination and mass hysteria. The key has been discovered, the vault has been opened... ... more


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Track Name: Verus Cultus
I've lost my mind don't wanna find it
travel through darkness and time
speak of your sins a guest uninvited
A dagger through your crooked spine
I'm not alone I feel your dark presence
Holding my hand to the fire
light of the moon black ritual madness
place myself unto the pyre

Can't you remember me
the worm inside your dream
a hive buried deep within
black flies in the web you spin

death reaches out
with a curious hand
the skies rollin' over
thunder strokes the land
well now your garden is empty
and the river run red
would ya’ believe me
That I'm one step ahead

you hold the cup and sip from it
until the poison stings your lips
you gaze into an empty sky
upon a cross your body lies

oh god damn your righteous hand
Reflections in the mirror
Lucifer speaks to you softly
black breath in your ear
Track Name: Witch Queen
Standin' at the back of the room with her eyes on you boy
when she turns the screw oh! you come unglued boy
she's got destructive taste and her aim is true
if you see her fangs well that's it for you

whip smart clever girl
got her way without words
Witch Queen never stirred
give her time she'll blow your mind

she's got them ten foot stems and do the garden tend lord
now she's built for sin and she'll wear you thin lord
and with her arms outstretched and her jaw unhinged
she'll take your hand boy and suck you in

whip smart clever girl
got her way without words
Witch Queen never stirred
give her time she'll blow your mind

she's a dime store diamond at the end of her rope lord
holds a conversation like a bar of soap boy
she got getaway sticks and a clock that ticks
she gonna take you home just to get her kicks

whip smart clever girl
got her way without her words
Witch Queen never stirred
give her time she'll blow your mind